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Slim and the Boot Elves

Help Slim, the boot guy, search for the Boyers Boot Elves.

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What is the best waterproofing to use on my dress boots

Question: What is the best waterproofing to use on my dress boots if I want to be able to put a good shine on them afterward? They're Justins, smooth leather, not suede or anything. I'm afraid that mink oil will hinder shine!

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My heel slips and is too loose in my high heel shoes. What can I do?

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Can a scuff, scrape or gouge in leather be fixed?

Kay asked:

I have a pair of Rios of Mercedes boots belonging to my late husband. One of the boots has a gouge about the size of a dime in the side of the toe. Can this be repaired?


Yes, your boots can be fixed.[...]

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Boots are too loose and wearing thick socks doesn't help



Question for The Boot Guy: I bought a pair of Ariat Dixie boots that were too big. I can't make the boots fit comfortably by wearing thick socks. My foot still slides forward making the boots uncomfortable, which[...]

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Happy Feet! at Boyer's BootnShoe

Happy Feet! A classic Boyer's Bootnshoe TV spot from 2006 starring Slim. It may be silly but it's true, people get Happy Feet in Boots from Boyer's Bootnshoe because we are 5th generation boot cobblers who know footwear[...]

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My Big Toe Aches

Question for The Boot Guy: The big toe joint in my right foot aches after wearing steel toed shoes. I started out with steel toed dress shoes, tried them without soles. Then I bought a stiffer soled mid ankle workboot with:[...]

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Can my boot tops be stretched or can a panel be added?

Noleen Asks: I have a pair of new boots and I need to stretch them, The heel part is very narrow and stiff so I can't really get my foot into it even though it feels fine at the toes. I could also use some more leg room .


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How should a new boot fit?

A boot should fit like a handshake. Ever had someone grab your hand for a handshake and squeeze across the knuckles. Ouch! But if the same person would grab your hand behind the knuckles and squeeze, it wouldn't hurt. That[...]

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How can i get a gravy stain out of my shoes or boots?

How can i get a gravy stain out of my shoes? After every Thanksgiving Day, at Boyers BootnShoe, we get several calls asking how to get gravy stains or grease stains out of footwear. Since we are fifth generation shoe[...]

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How can I clean mildew off of my shoes?

How can I clean mildew off of my shoes? At Boyer's BootnShoe, we get asked this question a lot. The most common reason shoes mildew is because they have been improperly stored in sealed plastic containers or bags. Leather[...]

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Can a Shoe or Boot be Stretched? Can I Stretch a Shoe or Boot Myself?

Can a Shoe or Boot be Stretched?

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This is a site to answer your Boot and Shoe Questions

Welcome to the Boyer's Boot N Shoe Blog where you can get your questions about footwear answered.

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