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We're moving! Blog/Site Under Construction

 If you're familiar with this blog, askthebootguy you may notice the site down in the next month or two. Nothing to worry about! 

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5 of the Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

Theres nothing quite so unpleasant as having your toes squeezed in a vise grip of a shoe. It can just turn a whole work day into unbearable. Worse still are the sides of your boot busting out after no time at all. With[...]

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Top 3 Cowgirl Boots for This Spring 2018

Spring is a great time for showing off new boots! 

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Breaking in new boots: A Boot Cobbler's expert DIY

So you've searched the internet and found over 50 ways on how to break in new boots. You read that some guy's friend, had a cousin, who once broke in her boots by, (gasp) filling them full of water and freezing them. Now[...]

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My boot tops are too big for my slim legs

Question: My boot tops are too big for my slim legs. Can you alter the boot shafts?

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How can I change the white stitching on my boots?

You bought a sweet pair of new handcrafted boots , but you don't like the blaring white stitching on the sole. What can you do? It's an easy fix. I'll show you just what to do.

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Take wrinkles out of boot shafts

Question: I have a nice pair of western leather boots but the shafts have wrinkles in them making them uncomfortable. How do I make the shafts stop rubbing my ankles?

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Cobbler's Review: Thorogood Workboot


When it comes to workbooks, Thorogood is one of the best in quality, with their line of American Made work boots in the Thorogood Heritage Collection. In this post I will be reviewing the ins an outs of the Thorogood[...]

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What kind of Polish should I use?


It can be a little intimidating these days with the wide variety of products used to upkeep your shoes or boots. Using shoe polish is a great way to keep dress shoes or boots looking nice. However, there are so many[...]

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Best way to break in new boots

What is the best way to break in new boots?

Let us Break In your boots for you! You can have your boots custom broken in for free! Yup, at Boyers BootNShoe we are 5th generation boot cobblers. We know boots inside and out.[...]

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A Boot Cobbler's Review: Ariat Mesteno Square Toe Boots

Slim, The Boot Guy's impressions of the Ariat Mesteno Square Toe Boot

The Ariat Mesteno Workhog boot is one of our most popular selling boots at Boyers BootNShoe.  I'll give you my impressions of the boot and tell you about[...]

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My Boots Rub My Ankles, What Can I Do?

How can I soften the ankles of my boots?

Question for The Boot Guy: I bought my wife some boots last year while I was in Texas. She absolutely loves the boots, but cannot wear them because the sides of the boots near the[...]

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If I use black shoe polish on my brown boots would it make them black?

If you use black shoe polish on brown work boots, the result would be some color in between brown and black. What color you end up with depends on how soft the finish of the leather is on the brown boots that you want to[...]

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Can you repair an uncomfortable heel counter in boot?

Scott asks: The inside heel of my boot is starting to roll up and create a ridge in the center of the heel counter inside my boot making it very uncomfortable. Is this a repairable problem? These are my favorite boots and[...]

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Ariat Rambler Boot Review?

Ariat Rambler boots are a number one seller. This video review by a third generation boot cobbler explains why.

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