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How can I change the white stitching on my boots?

Posted by The Boot Guy on August 18, 2017

boot stiches.jpg

You bought a sweet pair of new handcrafted boots , but you don't like the blaring white stitching on the sole. What can you do? It's an easy fix. I'll show you just what to do.

You can use either Fiebings leather dye or Angelous Acrylic to change the color of the stitches. Now if you are are changing the stitches to black or a dark brown. you would use fiebings leather dye to dye the boot welt. If are changing the stitching to a color other than black, then use Angelous Acrylic leather paint in the color of your choice in order to paint the boot stitching.


Angelus acrylic leather paintFiebings leather dye


  • Start by choosing what color you'd like to end up with.


  • Then you'll want to lightly clean the stitching area to clear up any dirt or dust (a damp cloth will work just fine for this )


  • Use a brush of your choice to paint the welt, we find that sometimes a flat 1/2 inch brush works best to get those hard-to-reach areas


  • Apply the paint or dye evenly to both boots and let it dry


  • Check to see if a second coat is required once dry, if so go ahead and apply another 


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 before stitches.jpg       after stitches.jpg

Once it fully dries you now have some boots that don't have that obvious white welt on them!  


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