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We're moving! Blog/Site Under Construction

 If you're familiar with this blog, askthebootguy you may notice the site down in the next month or two. Nothing to worry about! 

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Breaking in new boots: A Boot Cobbler's expert DIY

So you've searched the internet and found over 50 ways on how to break in new boots. You read that some guy's friend, had a cousin, who once broke in her boots by, (gasp) filling them full of water and freezing them. Now[...]

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Best way to break in new boots

What is the best way to break in new boots?

Let us Break In your boots for you! You can have your boots custom broken in for free! Yup, at Boyers BootNShoe we are 5th generation boot cobblers. We know boots inside and out.[...]

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Boots are too loose and wearing thick socks doesn't help



Question for The Boot Guy: I bought a pair of Ariat Dixie boots that were too big. I can't make the boots fit comfortably by wearing thick socks. My foot still slides forward making the boots uncomfortable, which[...]

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Ariat Rambler Boot Review?

Ariat Rambler boots are a number one seller. This video review by a third generation boot cobbler explains why.

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How should a new boot fit?

A boot should fit like a handshake. Ever had someone grab your hand for a handshake and squeeze across the knuckles. Ouch! But if the same person would grab your hand behind the knuckles and squeeze, it wouldn't hurt. That[...]

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Tony Lama Cushion Comfort, 3R and TLX construction?

Tony Lama has been making quality boots since 1911. At Boyer's BootnShoe, We sell and repair Tony Lama boots.

We understand the Tony Lama boot construction inside and out.

Let me give the easy and quick answer first then[...]

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