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My boot tops are too big for my slim legs

Question: My boot tops are too big for my slim legs. Can you alter the boot shafts?

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What kind of Polish should I use?


It can be a little intimidating these days with the wide variety of products used to upkeep your shoes or boots. Using shoe polish is a great way to keep dress shoes or boots looking nice. However, there are so many[...]

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My Boots Rub My Ankles, What Can I Do?

How can I soften the ankles of my boots?

Question for The Boot Guy: I bought my wife some boots last year while I was in Texas. She absolutely loves the boots, but cannot wear them because the sides of the boots near the[...]

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If I use black shoe polish on my brown boots would it make them black?

If you use black shoe polish on brown work boots, the result would be some color in between brown and black. What color you end up with depends on how soft the finish of the leather is on the brown boots that you want to[...]

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My heel slips and is too loose in my high heel shoes. What can I do?

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Can a scuff, scrape or gouge in leather be fixed?

Kay asked:

I have a pair of Rios of Mercedes boots belonging to my late husband. One of the boots has a gouge about the size of a dime in the side of the toe. Can this be repaired?


Yes, your boots can be fixed.[...]

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Can you repair an uncomfortable heel counter in boot?

Scott asks: The inside heel of my boot is starting to roll up and create a ridge in the center of the heel counter inside my boot making it very uncomfortable. Is this a repairable problem? These are my favorite boots and[...]

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Can my boot tops be stretched or can a panel be added?

Noleen Asks: I have a pair of new boots and I need to stretch them, The heel part is very narrow and stiff so I can't really get my foot into it even though it feels fine at the toes. I could also use some more leg room .


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Can UGG Boots be cleaned?

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How can i get a gravy stain out of my shoes or boots?

How can i get a gravy stain out of my shoes? After every Thanksgiving Day, at Boyers BootnShoe, we get several calls asking how to get gravy stains or grease stains out of footwear. Since we are fifth generation shoe[...]

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Can a Shoe or Boot be Stretched? Can I Stretch a Shoe or Boot Myself?

Can a Shoe or Boot be Stretched?

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Can a heel be raised or lowered?

Yes, any heel can be raised or lowered.

We do it every day in our shoe repair. But there is a limit to how much can be added or lowered. Every shoe has a balance built in to how the shoe was lasted or in other words,[...]

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